• Added time: 2013-10-18
    • Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm
    • Cabinet Size: 500mm*500mm
    • Cabinet weight: 10 KG
    • Environment: Indoor rental/Indoor fixed

Crystal Compass P3.91 is especially designed for stage and booth rental application. With synchrocontrol system, applicable for DVI VGA, HDMI, S-VIDEO, COMPLEX YUV etc, it freely playback all kinds of videos, pictures, programs with pictures and words. It plays all kinds of information clearly in methods of real time, synchronization. It can display 2D and 3D animation, video, TV, VCD and live show as well.

   As a totally new rental display, lightness and thinness are the most important features.
Lighter and thinner cabinet could be faster installed, uninstalled and transported, suitable for large area rental projects. With water level gauge in each cabinet which can be easily accurately positioned.

Main features of Crystal Compass P3.91:

1. Adopting SMD 3 in 1 technology that makes the LED display has ultra-wide viewing angle and better surface flatness.
2. Flatness tolerance of the whole screen < 0.15 mm. It can eliminate the Mosaic effectively.
3. The screen presents delicate and vivid pictures through synchronous adjustment of color and brightness.
4. High contrast and refresh rate make the LED display work well without any delay or Ghosting.
5. Be compatible with a variety of signal source inputs, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, DP, etc.
6. Professional aviation packaging has good protection effect to the rental control equipment.
7. Lightweight, ultra-thin design, 10 kg per cabinet.
8. Cabinet structure designed for hanging, faster assembly
9. Cabinets with spring lock design, fast and convenient to disassembly and assembly

Technical Specification Requirements


Technical requirements

Best view distance(m)


Pixel pitch(m)


Pixel resolution(Dots/㎡)


Pixel color composition

SMD2020 3in1

Cabinet size


Cabinet weight


Scan method(S)



≥1300cd/m2adjustable by software

Refresh frequency(Hz)

≥1000Hzadjustable by software



Max. power consumption(W/㎡)

1000W/ m2

Ave. Power consumption(W/㎡)

400W/ m2

View angle

120°horizontally, 120°vertically

Grey level/Color


Color temperature

R.G.B brightness 256 level adjustable, Color temperature is adjustable according to your requirement.



Defects rate


Life span(H)


Operation voltage

AC220V±10%/AC110V±10%(Power can’t be converted directly)

Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Storage temperature


System Operating Platform

WIN 98/ 2000/ XP

PC display mode


Control PC

With DVI Graphic card ( brand PC recommended)

Video signal


Effective control distance without repeater

Unshielded Twisted-pair LAN cable transmission within 100m

Multi-mode optical fiber≦500m,mono-mode optical fiber≦20km.

king kong compass sbc led display

king kong compass sbc led display

king kong compass sbc led display

king kong compass sbc led display

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