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Tacheng Court outdoor LED display

Project Name:Tacheng Court outdoor LED display

Project Location:China Xinjiang Tacheng

Specifications:King Kong £¨5050£©10

Cabinet area:15m2

Sector:govenment agency led disdplay other government agency led disdplay

Time for Completion:2011.03

Project Description:
The project is mainly used for court matters' information, government policies, such as the release of information, the use of our company the Kingkong Series outdoor KU36W products, combined with the local climate and environment Tacheng area, the display has a waterproof, dustproof, anti-high temperature, anti-UV, anti-aging characteristics, the use of the our patented energy saving technology greatly reduces the power consumption of the display, and reduce costs for customers, high definition and contrast, for optimized image quality and display.