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Tacheng Emin County Square single pole led display

Project Name:Tacheng Emin County Square single pole led display

Project Location:China Xinjiang Tacheng

Specifications:King Kong 16

Cabinet area:76m2

Sector:govenment agency led disdplay Municipal Square

Time for Completion:2010.10

Project Description:
The project is located in the largest county of Tacheng area Emin County, Tacheng area is located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent,
belongs in the temperate arid and semi-arid climatic zones. Spring warming fast, warm and cold fluctuations. the average temperature of summer is above 20 ℃,
hot weather for up to 90 days, very hot for up to 29 days. Autumn temperatures dropped rapidly, more than a month, the temperature can down 20 ° C. Winter
cold and long, nearly six months. The highest temperature of 40 ℃, extreme minimum temperature of - 40 ° C .Tacheng Basin precipitation slightly more than
290 mm, with an average annual evaporation of 1600 mm. The annual average global solar radiation of 135 kcal / square centimeter, the sunshine 2800 to 3000
hours, frost-free period is 130 to 190 days.The combination of these characteristics, the design of the project is fully taken into account the anti-high temperature,
antifreeze, waterproof, dustproof, lightning protection, sunscreen, UV protection and other harsh conditions, Tacheng area weather outdoor environment in order to
achieve the requirements of, and ultimately ensure that the display use of the stability and prolong the life of the screen .