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Tacheng Cultural Plaza LED display screen

Project Name:Tacheng Cultural Plaza LED display screen

Project Location:China Xinjiang Tacheng

Specifications:King Kong 16

Cabinet area:50m2

Sector:govenment agency led disdplay Municipal Square

Time for Completion:2008.07

Project Description:
The installation of the LED display is a huge challenge initiated the design and the steel load-bearing capacity, is another classic case of SBC to provide customers with a range of solutions, the success of the project is to install at high-speed Hengyang East Railway Station, the bold design of the project and the beautiful geese design of Hengyang high Speed l East Station is echoed, called the sublime. The project is the construction of a project by the Tacheng People's Government in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games,Cultural Square project is located in Tacheng City, mainly for government information, news release, the project uses the display mask technology, our company's unique anti-sandstorm, resistance to high and low temperature, anti-aging, and the use of a number of the core of our company display technology, the screen display is brighter and more colorful, vivid colors, clear and dynamic display for this motherland remote city night adds a lot of beautiful scenery, but also a good place for Tacheng people rest and chat after work.